To Afrolux Luminance, abiding by laws and official rules is the basis for successful and sustainable business. We ensure adherence to all relevant laws and regulations with our compliance organization. Corporate Responsibility has a wide spectrum for a global company doing business in many cultures and societies. On a local level, Afrolux Luminance is engaged in neighbourhood activities with Corporate Volunteering, support for fine arts and local donations.

Afrolux Luminance therefore emphasizes its responsible business conduct in every region of operation. Abiding by laws and official rules is a basis for successful and sustainable business.

Any illegal and unlawful behaviour within the company will not be tolerated. We demand from all our employees and executives to behave ethical and lawful amongst ourselves as well as externally towards our customers, partners and end users.

Work and Family:

Today's work environment requires flexibility and mobility. Thus, Afrolux Luminance supports its employees in balancing their work and family life. We have and affiliation with a daycare centre located near our head office facility.

Here employees can get a high-quality, low-cost daycare for their children aged six months to three years. With this daycare center we have not only created a place for toddlers and infants to feel comfortable but also to learn through highly interactive programs, taken care of by a team of qualified educators.

Our partner sets and maintains the general and individual educational programs. In addition, the aid organization also advances the personal and social development of the children enrolled.

The daycare center relieves and supports our employees by:

  • Having work-friendly operating hours from 8:am to 6:00 pm.

  • Limiting the number of days closed – thus allowing parents to arrange their holiday individually without being bound to holiday regulations.

  • Providing the best development opportunities by offers such as early musical education, children's playground, sport activities and play groups for smaller children.