About us

The Brand

Afro Luminance is a brand of pains-taking research by professionals in lighting technology. This team of multi disciplinary experts - who understand lighting in great detail - come together to produce brilliant ideas, unparalleled effiences, better business results and yes, huge cost savings.

Afrolux Luminance has fufilled all statutory requirements for registration as a brand in various copyright and trade agencies across Africa and therefore a legally registered brand under the Project Labihzad Group.

Our Products

Afrolux brand combines effiency, efficacy and durability to give products that meet the highest of standards.
Our Products Includes:

  • Afrolux Compact Fluorescent Lamps
  • Afrolux LED Systems
  • Afrolux Electronic Control Gears

LED Systems

Afrolux LED products are rugged. Employing the solid-state technology that makes them stand out among competing brands, our LED products include LED bulbs, tubes, spotlights, down lights, strips, modules, bars, etc.
They find application in:

  • General illumination - homes, offices,factories, streetlights etc.
  • Different kinds of task lighting - desk lighting, under-counter lighting, directional down-lighting etc.
  • Decorative lighting - wall washers, wall scones, pool lights, pendant lights, signage including chanel letters, signage boxes, pylons etc

Compact Flourescent Lamps

These lamps combine highest efficiency of CFLs with long lamp life and compact dimensions obtained in quick light technology. Now you have the lamp you are looking for.....fast run-up time, high CRI, extreme compact sizes, Low harmonic distortion and high brightness.

The compact sizes of some of this range of products make it easier for the lamps to be used in all electrical fittings requiring CFLs for lighting.

Control Gears

Electronic control gears are the latest concept which perfectly replaces the traditional magnetic ballasts or chokes. Afrolux control gears consume less energy.

They move a step further to maintaining the lamp current, that way lamps can live out their full rated life. Afrolux electronic control gears are built with switch-off technology that guarantees safety of lamps at end of life.